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Weleda Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk 200ml

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Weleda Rosemary Invigorating Bath Milk 200ml

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Warming and enlivening, ideal for use in the morning.
Stimulates the body and the senses to drive away the feeling of tiredness leaving you alert and revitalised.

The spiky leaves of Rosemary give off a powerfully stimulating aroma. Rosemary has the effect of stimulating the blood supply. It aids circulation and dispels the feeling of tiredness.
Similarly, Rosemary Bath Milk has a stimulating and enlivening effect.  People who experience difficulty waking up in a  morning will find this preparation a great help.  It is also useful in all cases of debility and during convalescence.  A Rosemary Bath stimulates the bodies warming mechanism and so helps the body to resist colds.  A Rosemary foot bath helps overcome excessive foot perspiration and improves the general circulation of the lower limbs.

It is best used in the morning when its invigorating fragrance helps to start the day feeling fresh and ‘alive’.



Ingredients: INCI:

Water (Aqua), Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Oil, Potassium Olivate, Fragrance (Parfum)*.
*natural essential oils

Ve - suitable for vegans.



Directions for use:

Shake the bottle before use. Pour 2 – 3 capfuls into the running water to disperse.  A water temperature of 37oC / 98oF is recommended.  Do not bathe longer than 20 minutes.  After bathing, dry the body gently, cover with a soft towel and ideally relax for at least half an hour in warm surroundings.

Use 1 capful to a foot-bath or basin, agitate water with the hand to mix the milk.  In the shower or as a quick freshener, use a few drops on a moist cloth. To refresh a room, add a few drops to a small bowl of warm water.