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Better body defense

Vicks First defence Nasal Spray

5.49 GBP
Vicks First defence Nasal Spray

****** 3 for 2 on Vicks First defence Nasal Spray



What is Vicks First Defence?

Vicks First Defence is a remedy for the frequent cold, that helps to capture the virus clinically proven to prevent a cold in its tracks. It can lessen the severity of your cold symptoms, which means that your cold will not last so long or be as hard to manage.

How can Vicks First Defence cure and prevent a cold?

Vicks First Defence utilises a unique micro-gel formula to snare the cold viruses which begin to grow in the back of the nose. It lessens the pH levels in the rear of the nose to block the infection from spreading and multiplying. Ultimately, it disturbs your nose to help you to eliminate the virus by blowing the nose or sending it directly in your gut.

When should I use Vicks First Defence?

For optimum results, you need to use Vicks First Defence when possible after discovering that you have a cold. A number of the first symptoms you may notice when you are having a cold include a tickle in the back of the throat and coughing.

How to use Vicks First Defence?

Start with Vicks First Defence after you feel the first signs of a cold, like sneezing or a tickle in your throat. Insert nozzle into your nostril, aiming in the direction of your ear and without tilting your head. Apply 2-3 sprays in each nostril up to four times every day, enabling 4 hours to pass between every spray. Don't use more than four applications daily.