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Omega3 of Norway Finest Krill 120 caps

44.991 GBP
Omega3 of Norway Finest Krill 120 caps

Regular Price: £49.99

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60 DAY supply of the purest & richest Antarctic & Norwegian Krill sourced using sustainable eco-harvesting methods.

Rich in DHA & EPA, and phospholipids for increased bio-efficiency.
216mg – EPA/DHA Omega3 fatty acids
Astaxanthin 258mcg (minimum)
Total Phospholipids: 420mg

Multipurpose Omega3 health food supplement
The lowest levels of transfatty acids & oxidation values
The best taste & odor profile possible – almost tasteless and odorless
500mg capsules by Swiss-caps, are smaller making them more comfortable to take
Re-sealable pouch.

Designed & made in Norway