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Elemis Tan Accelerator 125ml

20.75 GBP
Elemis Tan Accelerator 125ml

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What is it?

A pre-tanning lotion containing Glucose Tyrosinate, which is an amino acid precursor of Melanin.

Melanin helps to protect the skin from some of the damaging sun’s rays. This helps to stimulate the production of further amino acid reserves, helping sensitive skins to tan safely, by boosting the skin’s

natural melanin production before sun exposure.

Key Points

Helps stimulate the production of melanin

Ideal for fair skins that burn easily

Contains a low SPF to help maintain an already established tan for those that tan easily

Can be used as a low protection sunscreen by non-sensitive skin

types, which tan easily

Moisturises the skin leaving it soft and supple

Promotes a longer lasting safe tan

High SPF should still be applied during the first few days to prevent sun damage



Key Ingredients

Glucose tyrosinate Helps produce further reserves that the skin can use to reinforce melanin synthesis.

Macadamia Nut Oil Essential fatty acid, conditions and prepares the skin before tanning. Anti-oxidant properties.

Shea Butter Softening and moisturising qualities.




Apply daily 1-2 weeks before a holiday. Excellent for use as a pre-sunbed lotion to enhance the tanning process. Can be used as a low protection sunscreen by non-sensitive skin types, which tan easily.

GTIN: 641628004010