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Ben's Insect Repellent's

Ben's Family Insect Repellent Cream 100ml

6.99 GBP
Ben's Family Insect Repellent Cream 100ml


What is Ben's® Family?
Ben's® Family Insect Repellent is a lightly scented, easy to apply cream containing 30% DEET, the world's most effective repellent. Ben's®Family is suitable for the whole family over 2 years of age protecting against mosquitoes,midges,ticks and other types of biting insects for up to 8 hours.

Why the excitement?
Some people perceive insect repellents, especially chemical ones, to be unpleasant to use. Look at the Ben's® Family pack and you'll wonder if it is an insect repellent! Unscrew the cap, smell it and gently rub it on your skin and you won't believe how pleasant it is to use. Now put it to the test and see how it protects you and your family for up to 8 hours.



N,N Diethyl-M-Toluamide (DEET) 30%



Apply sparingly to all exposed skin areas. Do not use under clothing. Wash hands after applying. Frequent re-application is unnecessary. Do not apply to eyes and mouth or the hands of young children. Repeat as necessary.