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Primavera Essential Oil Rosewood 5ml

19.9 GBP
Primavera Essential Oil Rosewood 5ml


The essential oil of Rosewood Primavera helps fight against depression and balances the nervous system in case of nervous exhaustion and overwork. Stimulating and invigorating, it increases positive emotions and exerts a tonic action on the psyche. Rosewood helps to say no (for people who carry the world on his shoulders). 


Primavera: a guarantee of superior quality 
Essential oils Primavera are: 
  • in their original state - they are natural and not modified 
  • authentic - they contain only the oils of the mentioned plants 
  • unaltered - they contain no additives or artificial or synthetic 
  • pure - they are not mixed with plants of lower origin 
  • of vegetable origin 100% natural - they are all created on the basis of real plants 

Primavera does not use animal flavors. 
Primavera guarantees top quality products from certified organic cultivation of traditional herbs and aromatic plants. 


Use the Primavera rosewood essential oil diffusion to enjoy its benefits by olfactory pathway. 
Our emotions, our fears, our dislikes are often linked to our olfactory sensations: essential oils are transported in our lungs and our blood to reach the brain and produce their emotional blessing to balance nervous, hormonal and emotional the moment. The brain also registers smells. Thus perfumes, scents, fragrances influence our well-being. 


For a moment of pure relaxation, mix 2 drops of essential oil of rosewood 2 drops of geranium , 1-2 drops of rose and 1 to 2 drops of small grain in a diffuser. 


Aniba Rosaeodora 
Part used: wood 

Special precautions 

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and should be used in small quantities. Each drop represents 30 g of plant. It is appropriate to adjust the dosage. 
Primavera rosewood essential oil is reserved for aromatherapy mood.
GTIN: 4086900105720