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Primavera Essential Oil Chamomile Roman Organic/demeter 1ml

23 GBP
Primavera Essential Oil Chamomile Roman Organic/demeter 1ml


like a summer meadow. The warming fragrance gives a relaxing feel helping to aid muscle tension, insomnia and gives consolation during PMT and emotional hurt.

Essential Oils are extremely fragrant substances stored in the flowers, leaves, stems and roots of plants. Plants rely on these scents to attract insects and resist harmful micro-organisms.

They are used as follows:

  • In the bath -  2 to 3 drops blended with a natural emulsifier and added to warm, running water 
  • Blended with a Base Oil for body, massage or bathing oil 
  • Steam inhalation - warm, moist Essential Oil-infused air inhaled to directly affect the mood and respiratory system 
  • In a fountain, burner or diffuser for room Aromatherapy
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