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NouveauDerm Socks

27.95 GBP
NouveauDerm Socks


NouveauDem™ Gel Moisturing Socks moisture both side of foot: (plantar & dorsal) It is a major advance in science of skin comfort & rejuvenation Besides, it contains the same patented polymer gel used in burn therapy, surgery & sports medicine

• Diffuse unique blend of skin nourishing moisturizer to sooth, smooth & relieve dryness It also releases vitamin enriched nutrient to penetrate deeply It will rapidly condition, firm & tone dry-damaged skin
• Wear 2 or 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes for optimal result
• Provide Therapeutic benefits up to 3 months or 40 treatments
• 1 Size fits most
• 45%Cotton 47%Nylon 8%Lycra
• Washable & reusable
• Made in USA
. Color: Oatmeal, green, yellow