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Natracare Feminine Wipes (Intimate Wipes) 12 wipes

2.19 GBP
Natracare Feminine Wipes (Intimate Wipes) 12 wipes


For everyday freshness, during your period, or when travelling, Natracare certified Organic Cotton natural wipes, enriched with Calendula and Chamomile  are gentle for cleansing delicate skin because we only use ingredients derived from plants and never use the harsh chemicals and damaging preservatives used in everyday wipes.

Choosing natracare natural organic cotton intimate wipes allows you to avoid materials derived from petrochemicals, and skin irritating ingredients such as propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, and formaldehyde releasing preservatives such as imidazolidinyl urea, which is the second most identified cosmetic preservative causing contact dermatitis according to The American Academy of Dermatology.

Almost all wet and dry wipes available today are made from polypropylene (PP) or its cousin polyolefin, materials that are derived from petroleum. The wipes are usually embossed at low temperatures in order to make the wipe appear much thicker than it actually is. In this way, embossed wipes are being sold at a higher price because marketing people determine that the consumer will think it is a better quality wipe because it is thicker, and therefore, is willing to pay more for the privilege of using even more materials that will not biodegrade. It is not how thick a wet wipe pack is that is important to Natracare, but what the wipe is made from and what chemicals it holds that can potentially damage our bodies and the environment.

Natracare Certified Organic Cotton feminine wipes with organic essential oils are free of the damaging and harsh chemicals used in other feminine intimate wipes. The ingredients we use are derived from plants and are certified organic by ICEA/IMO. Dermatologically tested on Human skin

Certified organic 100% pure cotton . ICEA/IMO certified . soft and strong . no chlorine . no parabens . no SLS . no alcohol . not tested on animals . suitable for Vegans



Water (Aqueous Phase of the Lotion), Glycerin (Made from Sugar, Humactent & then Moisturiser), Rosa Gallica (Rose) Flower Extract (Organic Fragrance), Rosa Damascena (Bulgarian Rose) Essential Oil (Natural Organic Damask Rose Oil), Maltodextrin (Starch, Stabiliser), Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Extract (Organic Soothening Agent), Polyglycerol 10 Laurate (Sugar & Plant Based, Surfactant from Natural Raw Material), Sodium Levulinate (Plant Starch Based, Parfum from Organic Acids), Ternipeol (Plant Based, Parfum from Organic Acids), Potassium Sorbate (Potassium Salt of Sorbic Acid, Food Grade Preservative), Sodium Phytate (Cereal Based, Natural Chelating Agent)


Open where indicated and remove a wipe. Gently cleanse from front to back. Use only once. Disposal: The cotton wipes are flushable, biodegradable and compostable under the correct conditions. By choosing Netracare you are avoiding petrochemicals, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.