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A. Vogel (Bio Force)

Jan de Vries Relaxing Essence 30ml

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Jan de Vries Relaxing Essence 30ml

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Jan de Vries trained as a pharmacist in his native Holland. A naturopath since 1960, he has cared for many people throughout the world and for years has sought  flower essence combinations to improve emotional wellbeing, which in turn can enhance greater harmony in the body.

This specially formulated flower essence is a unique blend, carefully selected with the advice of experienced practitioners from Sun Essences, to help meet the challenges of modern life.

Relaxing Essence is ideal for people who overdo things, in particular anyone working under pressure, ignoring the warning signs to rest, and living on our nerves. Living life in the fast lane inevitably leads to problems as we drive ourselves on, seemingly unable to understand our limits and pace ourselves.

Do you suffer from tension-related complaints?
Do you have difficulty coping with the pressures of city life?
Are you tense, irritable? Is life a struggle?
Have you too much to do and not enough time in which to do it?
Do you drive yourself to over-achieve?
Are you heading for burn-out?


Impatiens is used for frustration, impatience and for flaring up quickly, calms tension and brings patience.
Mullein helps clear the mind and balances the body's energy systems, keeping internal batteries charged and stamina levels high.
Dandelion for the compulsive doers who live with great drive and intensity. Helps you to go with the flow.
Mimulus for everyday worries and anxieties. It brings security making it easier to cope with everyday life.
Oak for those who over-work and ignore the natural impulse to rest, putting great strain on the system and only stopping when everything breaks down.
Elm for being overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life and feeling undervalued and inadequate.
Hornbeam for that Monday morning feeling, mental tiredness, information overload and a sedentary lifestyle.
Bluebell for when the pressures of a full-on lifestyle pull you down.
Aspen for the uncertainties of life, when things get out of proportion and are difficult to discuss, but cause great anxieties.  Oversensitivity.
Vervain is useful when people lead a fast lifestyle and cannot unwind, living on nerves and heading for burnout.


Use if feeling uptight, overwrought, overworked, dog tired, impatient, restless, anxious, tense, etc. Many people find living this way gives them quite a 'high' but they may burn out. Getting ill is often the only way they can stop, and then they can find it hard to get better as their reserves are low.
Relaxing Essence is helpful when people are living with a lot of daily fear based on the various uncertainties of life, anxiety attacks and worries, which cause a lot of tension. As Relaxing Essence is designed to combat tension it can be a good choice for women dealing with female problems.
This blend will help to calm the system and aid restful sleep, so building up reserves.  It's a good choice for children who seem very overactive during the day. Give throughout the day until sleeping better, then just nightly (or give Night Essence)



Tinctures of the flowers of,Impatiens,  Mullein, Dandelion, Mimulus, Elm, Aspen, Oak, Hornbeam, Bluebell and Vervain in equal amounts.
Alcohol Content: approx 27% (v/v)

If pregnant or breast feeding, please seek professional healthcare advice before using this product. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.



Five drops in a little water 3 times a day. Can be used at intervals up to six times daily. As a course, finish the bottle, then review.  Can be used as a single dose to calm tension. Children should be given 3 drops in a little water


Add 12 drops to the bath. You can also add 12 drops to body lotions or massage oils to release tension in the system.

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