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A. Vogel (Bio Force)

Jan De Vries Bowel Essence 30ml

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Jan De Vries Bowel Essence 30ml

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Jan de Vries trained as a pharmacist in his native Holland. A naturopath since 1960, he has cared for many people throughout the world and for years has sought  flower essence combinations to improve emotional wellbeing, which in turn can enhance greater harmony in the body.

This specially formulated flower essence is a unique blend, carefully selected with the advice of experienced practitioners from Sun Essences, to help meet the challenges of modern life.

Digestive discomfort is often a result of stress, anxiety and the general disbenefits of our sedentary, processed food eating Western lifestyle. This Bowel Essence blend is designed to resolve the underlying emotional reasons for bowel trouble rather than the symptoms themselves.
Do you have a knot in your stomach?
Do you suffer from anxiety and tension?
Does it go straight to your stomach?
Is your digestive system often disturbed?
Do you have difficulty in assimilating life experiences, particularly unpleasant ones?
Do you need to take greater responsibility for your lifestyle?
Do you have difficulty letting go of the past?
Have you suffered any trauma in the last year or so?


Mimulus for anxiety and nervousness, fear of not getting better. Holding on through fear.
Bluebell calms tension and trauma, stills fears, bring peace.
Self Heal for those who have lost belief in their capacity to be well, brings motivation to get better.
Tormentil for when the digestive system becomes disturbed due to anxiety.
Star of Bethlehem for the after effects of shock and trauma which can affect the digestive system.
Agrimony  The body expresses what the mind cannot. The digestive tract may be churning and knotting in attempts to control inner reactions.
Orange Hawkweed brings life force back to a sluggish and exhausted system.
Walnut for letting go of past emotional ties, assists in letting go.
Willow for letting go of deep held negativity e.g bitterness, resentment. Victim mentality.
Pine for clinging to guilt feelings and self reproach from the past.


It encourages a greater sense of personal responsibility so it becomes easier to change destructive lifestyle patterns.
Many difficulties can be traced back to a painful trauma in the recent past, or anxiety and tension coped with over a lengthy period. The composition of this blend is ideal to bring greater balance and ease to the system.
Long held negativity, such as resentment, or bottled up feelings churning around inside, also contribute to such problems, so an effective assimilation and letting go of the past is something this blend is designed to help with.
Use this blend alongside well chosen herbal treatments for a quicker resolution of difficulties.

If pregnant or breast feeding, please seek professional healthcare advice before using this product.
Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool dry place.



Tinctures of the flowers of Pine, Orange Hawkweed, Walnut, Willow, Star of Bethlehem, Agrimony, Tormentil, Mimulus, Bluebells and Self Heal in equal amounts.
Alcohol Content: approx 27% (v/v)



Adults: Five drops in a little water three times daily until the bottle is finished. A second bottle might be appropriate as such conditions take some time to develop and may need extra support to resolve.
Children (2 - 7years): three drops in a little water three times daily until the bottle is finished.

Put the drops in a glass of hot water to increase fluid intake, which is known to greatly help the bowel.

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