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Immuno 4

Immuno 4 Support A Better Body Defence - 10 Capsules

24.99 GBP
Immuno 4 Support A Better Body Defence - 10 Capsules


Immuno4 (I-4) is a unique synergistic blend of organically certified nutritional ingredients which aim to help maintain the proper functioning of the immune system when taken as a food
supplement. The ingredients in I-4 are known to support the immune system on four levels:
• Physically with shiitake mushroom, Egyptian black cumin seed oil and apple cider vinegar • Emotionally with flower essences
• On a cellular level with energized colloidal silica
• On a vibrational level with homoeopathic levels of Anas Barbariae



Shiitake Mushroom (98%) Black Cumin Seed Oil
Flower Essences
Energized Colloidal Silica Homeopathic Anas Barbariae Horsetail Extract
Apple Cider Vinegar
Made with 70% ingredients from organic farming. Certified by ECOCERT SAS F-32600.

Free from:
fish derivatives, milk products, salt, shellfish, soy, starch, sugar and wheat, and is formulated without the use of synthetic preservatives, colours and flavours



Adults and Children (over five years): 1-3 capsules per day (preferably sublingually), preferably in-between meals. For sublingual use, open the capsule, empty the powder contents under the tongue and discard the capsule. Children aged two to five years: halve the adult dose

GTIN: 3416387770059