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Forsters Natural Sea Sponge Caribbean, XL

21.95 GBP
Forsters Natural Sea Sponge Caribbean, XL


The Forsters Natural Sea Sponge is a soft natural bath sponge which effectively cleanses and exfoliates the whole body, helping to promote clean, healthy looking skin.

Benefits of the Forsters Natural Sea Sponge:

Effectively cleanses the skin

Free from toxins and only contain natural enzymes

Exfoliates the skin

Promotes softer, smoother skin after each use

Suitable for use on all skin types, particularly sensitive skins

From the Caribbean



The Forsters Natural Sea Sponge can be used wet in the shower, simply apply your favourite natural shower gel and use in ciricular motions over the whole body or applied dry to the skin in circular motions to help remove dead skin cells, exfoliating for softer smoother skin.

GTIN: 4009782151159