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Forsters Massage Glove with Thumb hand made aloe sisal

9.45 GBP
Forsters Massage Glove with Thumb hand made aloe sisal


Forsters Natural Sisal Massage Glove has a rough textured surface to effectively exfoliate the body leaving you feeling energised, revitalised and invigorated while improving circulation and combating cellulite.
This Natural Sisal Glove will leave your skin feeling beautifully buffed, clarified, soft and smooth in a matter of minutes



Benefits of Forsters Sisal Massage Glove

Natural sisal invigorates and energises

Stimulates circulation and invigorates blood flow

Tightens, smoothes and clarifies the skin

Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells

Combats cellulite

Brightens and revitalises skin

Quick and easy to use in the bath or shower

Can be used wet in the bath or shower, or dry as a massage mitt for dry body buffing

100% Natural Aloe Sisal

GTIN: 4009782112310