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Yaweco Biobased Vegan Medium Refill (4 Heads)

6.95 GBP
Yaweco Biobased Vegan Medium Refill (4 Heads)


Yaweco Toothbrush Heads are ecologically and economically friendly. The toothbrush heads easily clip onto any Yaweco Toothbrush, so you are not throwing away the toothbrush just the head. The nylon medium Toothbrush heads have high and low settings of the individual nylon bristle groups, making the toothbrush easier to clean the back of the teeth as well as the interdental spaces.

The toothbrush heads are in refill packs with 4 in each pack.

Please note, the yaweco clip on mechanism is different to the Monte Bianco Clip on system, therefore the Yaweco Toothbrush Heads will not clip onto a Monte Bianco Toothbrush.



It is quick and easy, just press on the white button on the back of the toothbrush head and it will unclip, then clip on with a new replaceable head.

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