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Yaweco Interdental Starter Kit

12.75 GBP

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Yaweco Interdental Starter Kit


Yaweco Interdental Starter Kit contains three sizes of Yaweco's interdental brush which removes food and plaque from between your teeth, which not only leaves the teeth clean, but also helps to prevent gum disease and caries. 90% of all dental repairs arise because of a lack of care and hygiene in the interdental area. The Yaweco Interdental Brush has been specially designed so that when it is inserted into the interdental area the outer, longer blue bristles, open up enabling the brush to thoroughly clean both sides of each tooth while massaging the gums. The special design of the brush makes it easier to insert into smaller interdental spaces meaning the brush is suitable for cleaning interdental spaces between natural and artificial teeth, implants, crowns, bridges and braces. 

Yaweco Interdental Starter Kit contains:

1 interdental brush holder - reusable
1 > 0.8mm small brush
1 > 1.4mm medium brush
1 > 2.3mm large brush



Handle: PP (Polypropylen) Brush: PP (Polypropylen) in the plastic part, and PA (Polyamid Nylon) Bristles: Nylon Wire: Stainless Steel


Insert brush in the holder with minimal pressure (twist & plug). To replace them, press them out with your thumbs. Insert brush straight into interdental space, above the papilla (gum triangle). Against slight resistance, straighten the brush, moving it gently in and out. Rinse the brush regularly and if possible clean each interdental space twice. At the end, clean the brush and leave out to dry.

GTIN: 7640104272120