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Vitry Nail Care Perfect Electronic Polisher

18.99 GBP
Vitry Nail Care Perfect Electronic Polisher


The perfect'ongles is the indispensable tool to easily achieve your manicure in 3 steps. 
This electric polisher comes with all the accessories you need to file, smooth and shine your nails. 
Its ergonomic shape perfectly fits the hand for stability and precision. 
Contains: 1 tip for file, 2 tips to smooth and 2 tips to make shine.



Before using the Perfect'Ongles, precisely follow the instructions for use (complete instructions inside the box). 
Use only on nails of hands and feet. 
Do not use the device on any other part of the body. 
Be careful not to polish the nails too much and do not use on fine, fragile, damaged or infected nails. 
Stop immediately if irritation or discomfort occurs. 
Keep out of the reach of children. 
The perfect'ongles is not waterproof: do not expose it to water. 

The list of ingredients may be subject to variations, so we recommend that you always check the list on the product purchased.  



Once the tip is selected and positioned on the head, switch on the device by sliding the button upwards: choose your speed (slow or fast). 

Step 1:
Lay your nails with the gray tip. Step 2: Smooth and polish your nails with the blue tip. Step 3: Shine your nails with the white tip.

GTIN: 3538898886002