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BetterYou DLuxInfant Vitamin D 400IU Oral Spray 15ml

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BetterYou DLuxInfant Vitamin D 400IU Oral Spray 15ml


100 sprays – 300iu (7.5µg) per spray

Vitamin D promotes the development and maintenance of bones and teeth, supports a healthy immune system and aids muscle development.

The UK Department of Health highlights all children under 5 years as an at risk group for vitamin D deficiency and recommend that they should be given a daily supplement.

DLuxInfant daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable from birth and provides 300IU of vitamin D with each daily spray. It has a great natural orange flavour and can be used in conjunction with formulation milk.

The unique spray format has proven optimal absorption through the rich vascular system within the mouth, guaranteeing your child’s daily dose of sunshine.

How it Works

“Sublingual delivery has been proven as an exceptionally effective and efficient method of supplementation as it relies upon the rich vascular system within the mouth to transport the vitamin directly into the bloodstream”
Andrew Thomas, founder of BetterYou

DLuxInfant bypasses processing by the digestive system to deliver vitamin D directly into the bloodstream via the rich vascular system in the mouth.

The unique oral spray format ensures your child receives all the vitamin D they need without the need for water or tablets.

Who can Use it

Suitable for children from birth to 5 years.

All our formulations are designed to be universally acceptable.

DLuxInfant vitamin D oral spray is suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and diabetics. There are no artificial colours or flavours and no alcohol, gluten, fat, salt, yeast or lactose.



Purified water, fructose, modified tapioca starch, citric acid, natural flavouring orange( corn maltodextrin, acacia gum, BHA), cholecalciferol (vitamin D).
Suitable for vegetarians
Guaranteed free of…
Gluten and wheat



Give your child one spray daily or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.
Shake well before every use. Depress the pump 3 times to prime and carefully spray once into the mouth or against the inner cheek. Replace the cap after use and refrigerate after opening. Once opened use within 3 months.
Research has found that underneath the tongue or on the inside of the cheek are the best areas for absorption.
Does not have to be taken with food or at a set time of day.