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A. Vogel (Bio Force)

A. Vogel Ginkgo Biloba 100ml

17.99 GBP
A. Vogel Ginkgo Biloba 100ml


One of the oldest medicinal herbs known to Man, the fresh green leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree are gathered in spring to create this beneficial tincture.  Alfred Vogel’s own Ginkgo tree, planted on his return from Japan, was a daily source of fresh leaves which he carefully chewed as he grew older to absorb the valuable juices.

This is probably one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to Man. Its use can be traced to the oldest Chinese Materia Medica dating back to around 3,000 BC. Traditional Chinese medicine describes the ability of Ginkgo leaves to benefit the brain. Today, numerous clinical trials have shown Ginkgo’s ability to improve brain function and therefore quality of life.

Ginkgo’s direct action on the arterial circulation increases the blood flow through these vessels. At the same time, the herb has been shown to inhibit a substance known as platelet activating factor (PAF). This action further improves blood flow.

Ginkgo has also been shown to have antioxidant effects, which are important in stabilising cell membranes in the body.

Do not use alongside blood-thinning medicines such as low-dose aspirin or anticoagulants such as warfarin. Ginger is a possible alternative to Ginkgo for those who are using blood-thinning medication.


• Poor memory
• Cold hands and feet/Raynaud’s Disease
• Chilblains
• Tinnitus/dizziness
• Impotence



Tinctures of fresh Ginkgo Biloba leaves, extracted in alcohol (66% v/v ).



Adults: 15 drops in a little water 3 times daily.

Children: This product is not recommended for children.

Please seek medical advice if pregnant, Keep out of reach and sight of children, Store in a cool dry place.

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